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About Fly'n Solo & Sync

Fly’n Solo & Sync is a entrepreneurial mentoring & lifestyle system dedicated to the “Solopreneur”. A “Solopreneur” is a Solo Entrepreneur professional who chooses to go into business by themselves, collaborate with others, grow their business without boundaries and, more than likely, without employees.


The Fly'n Solo & Sync Formula


We have been taught the WRONG meaning of being humble: a modest or low view of one's own importance. What does being humble REALLY mean and why is it important?


What caused the issues, When did they start and How do we uproot them? By overcoming those roadblocks you WILL accomplish goals your LIFE Goals and experience a GREAT Life.


Changing the way we THINK, will CHANGE our lives! We hear info from other motivational speakers ...BUT some are still LOST. We train HOW to change your thinking and mindset.


Dreams and Goals are CRUCIAL to a GREAT Life. Are yours dreams and goals set or wondering?


Sharing has more meaning than what we are use to. It is a part of the SUCCESS Cycle.

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This Purple Piece was great for Lupus and Alzheimer’s awareness.
Fly’n Solo & Sync is happy to give financial support and awareness by creating a Purple Edition. It is available in two (2) phrases: “Live Life Without Regrets” and “Done Everything But Quit”
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I’m giving away a FREE Marketing Kit of Insights to help your business to increase sales and profitability during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. (Check out the video to see how) Did you know that 30% of all Annual Retail Sales revenue is made between Black Friday and Christmas? Other industries in addition to retail can also WIN during Black Friday and Cyber Monday...with some creativity and clarity. This FREE Marketing Kit of Insights will help prepare you NOW to have BETTER results for this upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday. #itsCThomas #BFCM #BlackFriday #CyberMonday 👕 and 🧢 by: Fly'n Solo & Sync

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Entrepreneurs like #JayZ "STAY Ready". Get YOUR "STAY Ready" Catch Phrase v-neck tee NOW. available in black and white w/ gold or silver foil and black or white print. Visit and click on SHOP. (Click on link in bio). Portions of proceeds of EVERY product sold will be donated to help young people who are/have been a victim of #bullying.
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